Navigating Uganda's Land Sector Transformation: The Real Estate Bill, 2024

New land laws hopes to reduce fraudulent activities.

2/25/20241 min read

In a notable stride toward reshaping Uganda's land sector, the Ministry of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development is championing the drafting of the Real Estate Bill, 2024. This pivotal legislation aims to regulate and register all land brokers across the country, with the goal of instilling order in the sector and addressing concerns like land grabbing.

The pending Real Estate Bill underscores a proactive approach to confront challenges within the real estate sector, particularly those related to fraudulent activities involving land and property brokers. By requiring registration and operating licenses for all brokers, the government is aiming to introduce transparency and accountability into land transactions.

The envisioned regulation seeks to create a more secure and transparent environment for land transactions, responding strategically to the infiltration of the real estate sector by fraudsters. The emphasis on licensing aims to establish a systematic way of identifying and monitoring brokers' activities, fostering traceability in case of any issues arising during land transactions.

As Uganda advances toward comprehensive land sector reform, the Real Estate Bill, 2024, holds promise as a catalyst for positive change. By fostering a more regulated, transparent, and accountable real estate environment, this legislation seeks to benefit both property developers and the general public, ushering in an era of enhanced confidence and security in land transactions.