Who We Are

Our law firm embarked on a mission to deliver top-notch legal services to corporate clients in Uganda. What started as a commitment to providing quality legal assistance has evolved into a thriving practice that has significantly contributed to the success of numerous businesses. Over the years, we have expanded our reach and influence, assisting both Ugandan and International firms. Our dedication to nurturing the success of our clients remains unwavering, and we take pride in our role as trusted legal partners in the growth of our clients.

Our team

Our legal advisors are here to assist you, meet the team.

Blaze Amanya

Senior Partner/Lawyer/ Advocate

Blaze Amanya is a highly accomplished Senior Partner, specializing in corporate, land, immigration, and employment law. With a career spanning over 10 years, Blaze has become a trusted legal advisor known for strategic insights. He has Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from Law Development Centre and Bachelors Degree from Makerere University.

Joram Sebuliba


Joram Sebuliba is a Partner and a seasoned lawyer with a diverse skill set, specializing in employment, tax, corporate, dispute resolution, and litigation. With a wealth of experience, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and have successfully navigated complex legal landscapes. He has a Post Graduate from Law Development Centre and Degree from Makerere University

Catherine Kabajwera

Associate Lawyer

Catherine has three years of Legal administration experience, she has aPost Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice at the Law Development Centre and has a Bachelor of Laws from Uganda Christian University.

Phiona Orishaba

Partner/ Lawyer/ Advocate

Phiona Orishaba specializes in humanitarian law, child protection, and refugee engagement. She has played a pivotal role in advocating for the rights of displaced individuals and ensuring their legal protection. Her expertise lies at the intersection of legal advocacy and humanitarian efforts.She has a Post Graduate from Law Development Centre and Degree from Uganda Christian University.

Gloria Babirye

Human Resource

Gloria has over 6 years in Hr experience in the legal industry. She has Bachelors in Public Administration from International University of East Africa.

Mercy Namukisa

Law Clerk

Mercy has 3 year experience as a law clerk. She assists in the administrative work, document preparation, research and communication with clients.

Brenda Amumpeire Kanyima

Office Manager

Brenda has over 7 years experience in operations. Brenda oversees the operations and staff activities in the firm, book keeping and planning. She has a Bachelor of Developmental Studies from Uganda Christian University, Mukono